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Welcome to Nighres!ΒΆ

Nighres is a Python package for processing of high-resolution neuroimaging data. It developed out of CBS High-Res Brain Processing Tools and aims to make those tools easier to install, use and extend. Nighres now includes new functions from the IMCN imaging toolkit.


Huntenburg, Steele & Bazin (2018). Nighres: processing tools for high-resolution neuroimaging. GigaScience, 7(7).

Make sure to also cite the references indicated for the particular functions you use!


Nighres is a community-developed project made possible by its contributors. The project was born and continues to evolve at brainhack. We thank the Google Summer of Code 2017 and INCF as a mentoring organization, for supporting the initial development phase of Nighres. See also the development blog.