Making a Pull Request

If you are working on changes to the Nighres code, let others know by opening a Pull Request (PR) .

You don’t have to wait until your code is perfect, opening a PR early is a great way of letting other members of the community know that you are working on this. That avoids redundant work and gets you input at an early stage.

To open a PR:

  1. Go to your fork of Nighres in your Github account
  2. In the Branch drop-down menu, switch to the branch that you have worked on
  3. Click on New pull request. You will see the changes that will be included in your PR.
  4. Enter a descriptive title and small comment why these changes are necessary. If you are addressing a specific issue, refer to the issue number.
  5. Click Create pull request and wait for responses (by default you will be informed about activity on your PR per e-mail)

After your PR is reviewed, you might be asked to make some changes. This is normal, almost no PR is merged without revisions. Pushing changes to your own branch automatically updates the code in the PR.

When all comments are addressed we will likely ask you to rebase, and then merge your code into the Nighres repository.