nighres.intensity.t2s_optimal_combination(image_list, te_list, depth=None, save_data=False, overwrite=False, output_dir=None, file_name=None)[source]

T2*-Optimal Combination

Estimate T2*/R2* and use it to combine multi-echo data

  • image_list ([niimg]) – List of 4D input images, one per echo time
  • te_list ([float]) – List of input echo times (TE)
  • depth ([int]) – List of echo depth to keep for input time points
  • save_data (bool, optional) – Save output data to file (default is False)
  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Overwrite existing results (default is False)
  • output_dir (str, optional) – Path to desired output directory, will be created if it doesn’t exist
  • file_name (str, optional) – Desired base name for output files with file extension (suffixes will be added)

Dictionary collecting outputs under the following keys (suffix of output files in brackets)

  • combined (niimg): Optimally combined 4D image
  • t2s (niimg): Map of estimated T2* times (_qt2fit-t2s)
  • r2s (niimg): Map of estimated R2* relaxation rate (_qt2fit-r2s)
  • s0 (niimg): Estimated PD weighted image at TE=0 (_qt2fit-s0)
  • residuals (niimg): Estimated residuals between input and estimated echoes (_qt2fit-err)

Return type:



Original Java module by Pierre-Louis Bazin.