nighres.laminar.profile_meshing(profile_surface_image, starting_surface_mesh, save_data=False, overwrite=False, output_dir=None, file_name=None)[source]

Profile meshing

Creates a point-by-point matched set of 3D meshes, one for each of layer of the layer boundary surface, with the mesh topology of the starting mesh. The starting mesh should be inside the cortex, for instance the mid-layer surface from volumetric layering.

  • profile_surface_image (niimg) – 4D image containing levelset representations of different intracortical surfaces on which data should be sampled
  • starting_surface_mesh (mesh) – Mesh model of the surface
  • save_data (bool, optional) – Save output data to file (default is False)
  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Overwrite existing results (default is False)
  • output_dir (str, optional) – Path to desired output directory, will be created if it doesn’t exist
  • file_name (str, optional) – Desired base name for output files with file extension (suffixes will be added)

Dictionary collecting outputs under the following keys (suffix of output files in brackets)

  • profile ([mesh]): Collection of surface mesh dictionary of “points” and “faces” (_mesh-p#)

Return type:



Ported from original Java module by Pierre-Louis Bazin