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import os
from urllib.request import urlretrieve

[docs]def download_7T_TRT(data_dir, overwrite=False, subject_id='sub001_sess1'): """ Downloads the MP2RAGE data from the 7T Test-Retest dataset published by Gorgolewski et al (2015) [1]_ Parameters ---------- data_dir: str Writeable directory in which downloaded files should be stored. A subdirectory called '7T_TRT' will be created in this location. overwrite: bool Overwrite existing files in the same exact path (default is False) subject_id: 'sub001_sess1', 'sub002_sess1', 'sub003_sess1'} Which dataset to download (default is 'sub001_sess1') Returns ---------- dict Dictionary with keys pointing to the location of the downloaded files * inv2 : path to second inversion image * t1w : path to T1-weighted (uniform) image * t1map : path to quantitative T1 image Notes ---------- The full dataset is available at References ---------- .. [1] Gorgolewski et al (2015). A high resolution 7-Tesla resting-state fMRI test-retest dataset with cognitive and physiological measures. DOI: 10.1038/sdata.2014. """ data_dir = os.path.join(data_dir, '7T_TRT') if not os.path.isdir(data_dir): os.makedirs(data_dir) nitrc = '' if subject_id is 'sub001_sess1': file_sources = [nitrc + x for x in ['10234', '10235', '10236']] elif subject_id is 'sub002_sess1': file_sources = [nitrc + x for x in ['10852', '10853', '10854']] elif subject_id is 'sub003_sess1': file_sources = [nitrc + x for x in ['10855', '10856', '10857']] file_targets = [os.path.join(data_dir, filename) for filename in [subject_id+'_INV2.nii.gz', subject_id+'_T1map.nii.gz', subject_id+'_T1w.nii.gz']] for source, target in zip(file_sources, file_targets): if os.path.isfile(target) and overwrite is False: print("\nThe file {0} exists and overwrite was set to False " "-- not downloading.".format(target)) else: print("\nDownloading to {0}".format(target)) urlretrieve(source, target) return {'inv2': file_targets[0], 't1map': file_targets[1], 't1w': file_targets[2]}